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  1. Went to dealer today to complain and they have not had anybody else with problem but they are going to phone yamaha and check, i will let you know the outcome.
  2. Thanks for advice, think i will leave well alone and spend money on bigger bike when i've taken test etc. out of interest was the work done by dealer, if it was you might be able to claim something back.
  3. Just washing bike tonight and found fairing has split in same place, just wandered if you have had any luck with warrinty, looks like a design fault and i'm really pissed off.
  4. have a look at "ghostbikes.com under accessories, they have a set that should fit hope this will help.
  5. cheers for advice, i will check out and see what i can pick up for a decent price.
  6. i'm going to take mine back to garage and get them to sort it out, afterall it's still under warrinty and i reckon this could be a problem with this model and they might have to do some sort of factory modification.
  7. Hi Adam i'm having similar problem and i was told to try blowing the brake dust out with an airline, i will try this and let you know the outcome.
  8. Hi all Just got back into biking after 20 yrs or so, bought a new yam yzf r125 great bike but could do with a little more power, can anyone advise me how to derestrict thanks
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