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    Spend time with family and freinds and ride my bike. I,m a scuba diver, firefighter, and an EMT-B.
  1. neal

    fuse problem

    You can get an after market holder that works well with just alittle modifing from Advance Autoparts Store if you live in the states.
  2. neal

    1982 xs 400

    Ok, I set up my PM. Butif is ok with you we can wait until next week. I had to work last nite and I have to keep my kids this afternoon. while my goes to work. I think I going to try and get a little sleep in. By brain has had enough for one day. Thanks for the help. If I happen to work on it later I'll let you know what I find. I'll let you know when I get back into town. I'm pretty sure I am going to need the help. Once this is fixed I can finish painting it and puttin it back together. I am going to have to upgrade my membership so I can post pics.
  3. neal

    1982 xs 400

    Ok, Jim I will check that out. I will let you know what I find. If I don't get it today it will be another week before I can get to it. I've got to go out of town. I can tell you realy know a lot about this bikes.
  4. neal

    1982 xs 400

    I'll take th walk thru. It has been along time since I have had to troubleshoot anything. I could figure it out but I would like to finish it. And I never like to to turn away a willing hand with lots know how like you. Agian thanks for the help.
  5. neal

    1982 xs 400

    Yes and no to the unpluging till the light went out. I omhed the main switch out to make sure it did not have a short it was good. so even with the light unpluged it was still drawing amps. so I started unpluging every thing one at a time until it quite drawing amps. the old bike bike had so much grease behind the cove that could not tell what was what. I have come to the conclusion that the nuetral switch has short in it when it is the neutral position. But after reading that out loud that does not makes sense. why isn't my main switch cutting the power off? What else could keep the the circ
  6. neal

    1982 xs 400

    Ok, I know it is somewhere between my Nuetral switch and alternator. I have isolated down to that portion of the sytem. But I made a mistake I cut the end off my alternator lead now I don't know which white wire goes to which white wire. I knew better. I was taking a short cut an secued up.
  7. neal

    1982 xs 400

    Good, I use to be a electrian. I work maint. at a hospitol or for one more night any way. I have been there for 5 yrs. on graveyard five nights a week. It was time for a change and enjoy life a little. I took a full time slot at an Ambulance Service that I have been work partime over the past year as an EMT-B .
  8. neal

    1982 xs 400

    Both switches turned off for the lights to stay on. It will crank with main switch off. The kill switch will kill the engine like it is designed to do. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  9. neal

    1993 Virago XV 750

    Thanks, I may take it to a Pro and let them tweek it and adjust th valves for me. The bike has only 79000 miles on it. If I can get another 10 to 20 miles to the gallon it will be worth it.
  10. neal

    1982 xs 400

    My nuetral and oil light stays on with the switch off. Plus the starter will not turn over. I can only crank it with the kick strart. It will even start with the switch off tha t way. Do I have a short and where would I look first.
  11. neal

    1993 Virago XV 750

    Thanks, when I first got the bike almost a year ago I got around 31mpg. it had been siting up for a year or two. So I rebuilt the carbs and got it up to 41. Your reply tells me I need to tweek it somemore. Thanks again!
  12. What kind of fuel mileage should I be getting.
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