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  1. I have an xs 400 and popped the seat off and noticed the fuse and the far side was all black and had melted the plastic holder around the fuse. I replaced the fuse about 2 months ago, and I know it is the fuse that the ignition runs through. so I turned on the ignition and within a few seconds the metal casing for the fuse was hot to the touch. what does this mean and what is a possible cause???? also if anyone knows what is for sure the proper fuse for that, so I can check to make sure that I got the same one when I replaced it. pretty sure I did but it never hurts to check!!
  2. does anyone know ball park figure for how much it would cost for a shop to replace the fork seals?
  3. so what is the process of installing the new cable, do I just twist it back int the metal rebate, or is there a specific way to insert it back in?
  4. I have a 1981 xs 400 special 2 and I need to replace the tach cable. The cable to the tach is not the problem, it's how to hook it up the the engine block the baffles me. Any help would appreciated.
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