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    Present: Yamaha YBR125 (back into biking after 6 years) Past: Kawasaki ER500B (went the way of the 'bay) Suzuki Marauder GZ250N (RIP under the wheels of a Leyland Roadrunner) Yamaha RXS100 (went on, and on, and on, and on, and on...) Honda Plack90E (refused to die) Tomos DiscoAS50 (god that was horrible, but so chuckable)

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  1. Just binned the OE tyres on my YBR commuter hack - the Michelin Pilot Sportys are much better, even though they are not scrubbed off yet, I can feel a difference. Why on earth do Yam supply the bike with such crap rubber as standard?
  2. In all my years riding, I have never yet got the hang of leaning over with the bike, and have come off trying. Weirdly though I can push the thing over so the footpegs can scrape the road whilst adopting an upright posture - no doubt this looks w*nk to anyone following, but it does the job for me.
  3. Hello there. My name is Ted and im a Nurse - 6 years ago I had to sell my bike and go back into a car, partly as a result of an injury and partly as I changed jobs and had to cart around equipment and on occasions patients! Anyway Im back - for the past 3 months i have been commuting daily and generally having a ball on a YBR125, OK not as fast as my old Kwaka but very very nimble, very able to filter through even small gaps and bloody frugal on the juice - my fuel bills just dropped from £40 / week to £10. I did have a go on a Bandit before I bought the YBR and found that my 6 years away had left my confidence and cornering ability somewhat lacking - the plan was buy a 125, get used to riding again then trade up - actually the plan was buy a 250, but apart from trial bikes I could not find one in my price range for love nor money, so I wound up with the YBR. Its not fast (60 average flat out - on one occasion I saw an indicated 70 downhill with a following wind) it looses steam in any sort of headwind down to about 50mph, but its helping me get used to riding again and getting used to the roads. All in all I am enjoying my return to biking (though some of my old kit didnt fit any more, so expense time getting new leathers!) My family and friends thought I was mad when I parted out the car and went back to 2 wheels, but apart from one drowning when I got soaked by a wave of water from a passing HGV its been fine and great fun. The bike will be getting shod with some new rubber soon as the standard stuff is none to grippy in the damp. Im also debating whether or notto fit engine bars (£37 from Yamaha) and a fly screen (£50) not so much to enhance the appearance, but to help with weather / wind protection and also if it does get dropped to help protect it a bit. I have upgraded the headlamp bulb with a halogen affair - much better. I do about 50 miles daily through work and have a Givi top box fitted to carry the bits I use these days. Next up will be seeing if its possible to squeeze a few more ponies out of the lump - though TBH Im not hopefull. Still wondering what to progress on to. Im not really a sports bike fan, and whilst I love the riding position of the Virago I cant be doing with all that chrome.... Hmmm, decisions decisions..... Anyway Hi!
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