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  1. Ive had the red/white R125 for 2 months now. Its a great bike no problems or complaints top speed is impressive for a small 4 stroke too 84mph then the limiter comes in at 10,500rpm Acceleration is good too once you get past the run in stage 0-60 in 6-7 seconds in ideal conditions
  2. psidgw65

    yzf r125

    I have also been trying to find out if an R6 end can with modified pipe would fit but cant get any answers.
  3. psidgw65

    yzf r125

    That sounds good ! yeh i got a reply from Tony at weller too they wont put it into production til the 2 year warranty has gone £149 is real cheap !! who are you talking to? I see leo vince have got their exhaust out now too.
  4. psidgw65

    yzf r125

    Hi i have got the bike ordered and Weller Racing do an exhaust for it already http://www.wellerracingcorporation.com/ind...A-YZF-R125.html It is not in Full production yet but they will make you one if you contact them
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