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  1. In: Yamaha FJ1200

    By slice, 12/05/2013

    Just got this today 04/12/2013 and I am quite chuffed with it runs and rides and even has tax on it which is a bit of a surprise as I bought it as spares and repairs off of ebay. Needs a few bits doing, front exhaust pipes are loose with one missing stud (broken off) and another one that is tight but still leaks makes it sound really rattly but should be an easyish fix.

    According to those that know (thanks Tasky) it's a 3CV model

  2. In: Yamaha R type YZF 125

    By Vollverayn, 12/02/2013


    Yes it's a kit LED Lights lot's of colors you can change it using small remote control...

  3. In: Yamaha R type YZF 125

    By Jonnoport, 12/02/2013

    Hi, cool lighting. What are the lights? Are they in a kit?

  4. In: yamaha yzf r125

    By Vollverayn, 12/01/2013

    nice one

  5. In: Yamaha FZ600

    By Jackstar, 11/01/2013

    Hi Feliks,

    nice bike & a very nice price! I've got an old 84 Pre Div XJ600 which now looks very much like a Triumph Thruxton! I am wanting to put on handle bars instead of the existing fixed bars and to do this I need to replace the top yoke with a yoke that has clamps. I've heard that the top yoke from your bike would fit and I want to ask a favour of you. Could you measure the distance between the fork holes and the cetre hole?

    If you can imagine the fork holes and centre hole as a T The distance between the centre of the forks (across the top line of the T end to end) is 186mm and the distance between the centre of the top line of the T down to the centre of the centre hole is 35mm.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers Ash

    P.S How do you put up a photo?

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