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The vast majority of speedometers are sealed for life, as in, constructed in a manner to prevent the mileage being altered that might not be true!

Having said that..everything that is 'constructed' can be 'destructed' or reverse engineered!

The question is, whilst you can get it apart, can you put it back together?

That all depends on your ability and 'whats acceptable'. to you.

I've taken apart quite a few...for cleaning purposes!....I've done both my Honda 400/4 and DT175 speedos, and I've put them back together. ...but...you can tell I have! They won't win concours, because you can see what I've done, which is fine and it's acceptable to me, both are watertight amd don't steam up. The  Honda had a chrome ring around it which was compressed onto the two 'halves' of the speedo. I knew I could not re-compress the ring back on, and make it look like its never been disturbed, so I cut the ring and silver soldered a very tiny nut and bolt back on it and simple tightened them up. I hid the join the best I could between the speedo and rev counter.  If I remember correctly, the DT had to be cut in half in a place that was concealed by the stainless steel lower cover, and I used a soldering iron to 'melt' the plastic back together to re join the two halves. You can't see the join, unless you take the metal cover off.

So answering your question: "Does anyone know if you can strip the speedometer gauge on a dt50?"

Then I'd say yes you can... but It's unlikely that it's been designed in a way that you can dismantle it easily!

or ....buy a another one!😁

Good luck , hope that is some sort of help. Let us know how you get on.

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These folk have a good rep for fixing Brit speedos. They may be able to help, or give details of someone who can


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Ok cheers guys im an engineer and i have stripped my z1’s cb750 etc its just that the dt50mx just looks like its all bonded together from the factory just thought i would ask in case i am missing something

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