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Yamaha r1 2008 not starting when hot


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Hi I have a 2008 r1 I purchased it a fiew months ago before I got my bike for when I passed I cam go out riding and 6 days ago I passed my test and went out riding for a fiew hours after passing my test bike was fine  and the following day I drove it for 20mins then turned it off went to start it back up and it wouldn't start at all until it was sat for roughly 30 mins then it started back up again and drove noproblem so I assumed it was the battery got a new battery in it and the problem still consists every the bike is driving it drives fine full power but as soon as you cut it off it won't start back up so I have changed the sparkplugs checked the stator that is fine I have spent days trying to sus this out with no luck can anyone please help me as I am at a couple loss on what the problem can be


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