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Yamaha XVS 650 Dragstar (1998)


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I have recently purchased a dragstar off ebay and bought a pig in a poke.  Its beautiful to look at and has been converted to a bobber.  The previous owner has put harley controls on it and the existing wiring doesnt fit, therefore I cannot twist the throttle and I'm not a fan of holding the indicator switch as I turn (still a novice rider)

I'm looking either for original controls or something that will do the job - by controls i mean left and right hand controls on the handlebars (brakes, clutch, lights, indicators, etc) Can anyone help me? Desperate to get on it as the summer months are rapidly approaching.

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In a situation like this, E-Bay is your friend...

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I find your description quite vague (although that may well be me, so no offence meant) but can you post pictures of the issue. Do the cables and wires connecting to the switches not fit, are they too short or just a completely incorrect fixing. Is it the bars that are too wide meaning you have to try and stretch the cables and wires. If so try a narrower set of bars on it. That way you can at least get some fun out of it whilst you try and address the issue.

You can get brake hoses and throttle/clutch cables made to suit and if your competent with wires (or know someone who is) you can extend the wiring connections.

As I say on every intro post I answer, we like photos and they can help folk (me) understand the issues reported

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