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Problem with 1978 XS750 special fuse box.

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So I recently discovered that the tube style main fuse on the stock fuse box on my 750 was faulty. One of the terminals cracked from corrosion and the other had melted the plastic holding it onto the box. The result was no start. After figiting with it it would start, but the problem got worse and eventually i couldn't get it to stay in with the vibrations from the engine knocking it loose each time. Today I bypassed the old fuse with a new atc mini 20amp fuse using butt end crimp style connectors. Worked fine, until the bike faltered and then died. I was able to get it running intermittently. I would get a couple blocks and then it would die again. So I took it home and popped the seat up. My theory is that the fuse is grounding out on the bottom of the seat, but also when i tap the fuse the engine lights and everything else that indicates the main is working flicker if i tap it hard enough. Is this because my connections aren't solid enough? Or because its not well enough insulated and grounding out? I'm trying to avoid completely replacing the stock fuse box, but not sure how to proceed.


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Has the new fuse blown?

If not I would be looking at the connections, not only at the fuse box, but at the switches.

Do you have a multi meter to check 'earthing'

If one of the fuse connectors 'cracked from corrosion' then the others will be of a similar condition and this is just a series of breakdowns waiting to happen. I would plan for fitting a new fuse box. If you have a proper crimping tool and the correct connections then it will be a straight forward job, once you have access.

You don't say where in the world you are (use of grounding, possible US/Canada?) so unable to provide any recommended retailers

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