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Tracer 900 Clutch cable routing

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Hi Folks,


After the 12k miles service my Tracer 900 came back with a loose chain and finger tight rear axle nut! Some months later I noticed that the clutch cable was getting trapped between the lower triple clamp and the frame.


I bodged it with Gorilla Tape and I'm now at the 24k miles service and doing it myself this time so I want to correct the issue but I don't know what the proper routing should be?


I've looked through the service manual and the Haynes manual but either missed it or its not in there. The Haynes manual shows the cable guide near the radiator but not what happens higher up from there...


If someone could share a photo of theirs that would be amazing.3b77487159d79554201a298ef23be294.jpg2edabf7f975c6c942caa71a797140274.gif


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I'm assuming it also goes in front of the lower yoke, since that's the one it's being trapped by...

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Over the front of the two yokes, then follows the natural route to the outer clutch housing 

You need to keep it as smooth as possible to reduce bends, and therefore drag on the cable

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