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2019 Yamaha XT 250 gearing

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   New owner here, first ride today.  Tried a couple of hills today and had some issues between 1st and 2nd while going up a few decent hills.  First was too low and second wanted to bog.  Who has dropped a tooth or two in the counter shaft sprocket to help with this and what kind of results did you notice  ?  Pretty sure this probably has been addressed before but I don't know where or how to look.  

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Counter shaft?

Do you mean output shaft? I would count off the teeth on the sprockets you have. Often as not people up gear off road type bikes thinking they will get some more road speed.

There are also limits to what that little 250 is good for. its not a massive leap from the 125, maybe 8hp. You may have to settle for what you have on the 'big' hills.

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