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Hi I'm a new member, just thought I'd say hello.

my name is Graham and I've just purchased a dt250mx that I am hoping to restore.

it is a non runner at present but I'm hoping to start on it in the year near.

anyway just thought I would say Hi and hope you all have a happy new year.

cheers Graham


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Welcome to the nuthouse bud. There are a few dt folk on here

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I will probably be leaning on you a lot as I have had no dealings with them at all.

always liked them as a teenager but that was 40 odd years ago.

have just restored a Honda xl250s and really enjoyed doing it.

in theory this should be easier but struggling with getting it going as it has no spark and the stator was in pieces in a cardboard box so not sure if they are the right bits or not.

they did all fit together though. 👍

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Welcome G Digger, nice to have you on board. ive got the slightly smaller DT175MX but not that dissimilar. Whats your general location? (don't give your address out) but you never know someone  might live nearby and can offer more than advice.

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Start at the coil [Ohms ] then connections ,,then points &condencer, .  the soarse coil needs checked ,[ ohms] ,  Or,,,,you can fit CDI,  Lots of systems   out there nowadays,

i did fir DT400  cdi    system on my 250.  the flywheels  are different   ,so need the 400 flywheel  . its same fit ,  just has 4 magnets,  for pick-up  timing,

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