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Oil comming out from carburators

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I just bought my self a midnight star 1300 and shortly after i left in about 5 miles oil start to come out from the air intake casing, but a really propper amount of it that pored on the engine, exhaust and everywhere.

I asked the guy and he said that when he changed the oil he put in about 4 liters of oil.

Some other guy said that it is a common issue with Yamaha's and it is from a faulty rocker cover, and if i start listening to everybody... i will get nowhere 

After it took out about 2-300ml (by the looks) it stopped leacking and it gived blue smoke for about 10 miles.

After that nothing came out any more.

Left it for 2 days and when started up,again a big cloud of smoke till it warm for a bit and again nothing

Checked the oil level still over max level on the stand

Should i be concerned?

Thank you in advance

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About 4lts of oil

Just googled it and it should be 3.7lts 

Did you buy it from a shop or private, I'll assume private. I would have given it back to the bloke and told him give me a call when it was fixed.

The breather for the engine will probably be in the air box and overfilling with oil can cause some blowback.

Now you have it, you should do an oil change ensuring you put the correct amount in. Buy a manual if you don't have one already. You can even download them of t'internet and hope you haven't blown any seals.

Oh and stick an intro into the new members section. You'll get a better response that way

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Smell the oil also "    if its contaminated with fuel,  the carbs need looked at, this would raise the oil level,  

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