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1975 MX125B All Alone

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Hey all, this project took a long hiatus, it's been eight years since I've been here. I ended up going a different route for a bike so this project was mothballed.

This year a young guy at work has taken an interest in this bike after I mentioned it, and I figure it's better off in the hands of someone that has an interest in it rather then just sitting around for eons under a tarp. He's never had a bike and doesn't know a whole lot about wrenching, but he seems willing to learn. So I figure he can resurrect this ride and learn to wrench and ride with me giving him guidance where needed.

Here's the odd thing, _all_ of my posts in this forum from eight years ago have been purged although my account is still active. So all the good info and advice given me back then is gone, which is too bad as I was hoping to refresh myself as to where I left off and what I learned myself back then.

And there is far less info available on this bike on the web today! Which seems to be a step backwards, but any search engine now turns up a few threads in a few forums that are short and non-technical in regards to the MX125. It seems this bike has ceased to have any interest in the past 8 years and fell off the web. IE there is no MX125 forum out there, which I find odd as older and/or often more obscure items have specific forums, heck even the Yugo has fan based forums. Does the MX125 from the 1970's have leprosy?

Oh well, starting over again. Good to be back and thanks for reading my ramblings. :thumb:




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