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BELL Custom 500


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I bought myself a new helmet today. I have been running around with a ROOF Boxer for longer than I care to remember but it feels a bit worn out now. After looking around online for a while I settled on the BELL 5oo Custom open face. I am well aware that open face lids are not everyones cup of tea but I have worn them since 1981 and cannot get on with a full face lid. My Boxer was a flip front and I spent more time with the chin guard in the up position that I ended up removing it.

Anyway to the review.

J&S had this up for £150 allegedly down from £170 so within my price range and the look I wanted, I headed off to Glasgow today to try it on. First fit and the lid just felt right. A good snug, but comfortable fit around my forehead and it felt very lightweight. No hesitation, I gave the guy my money, stuck my auld lid in the bag they gave me and set off the long way home on my bike to give it a road test.

As you would expect with an open face, there was a great field of vision but I also felt that it was a very quiet lid. I always wear ear plugs, but even with them in there was very little wind noise.

So that's that, I would recommend it and may even consider the full face version in the future (as much as I don't like them, I do own a couple of full face lids. I use them depending on my journey and weather conditions)


Positives:- Reasonably priced, good fit, great vision and reduced road noise

Negatives:- As a spotty yoof, it was always the auld cnuts that wore Bell helmets, so I am now officially an auld cnut.


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I like the Bell helmet, had one back in 2006 and was quiet and looked great.

the full face are ££ though

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A 500 odd mile update

The lid is maybe not as quiet as I first reported (probably comparing it to my auld one) but still very tolerable. It is still very comfortable and I should have bought one a long time ago

Things are looking good for the full face version......if I get it at a good price

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