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Worked with a bloke that had one. Those inboard disks were always giving him greif.

You could hear him coming. The pipe? Nope epic brake squeal. Set your teeth on edge.

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The bike belonged to the two fellas in the background without shirts on. What a pair of characters. They were out for the day on it, and had called into the lockside cafe. The brakes through me from a distance, not seen that type before, thought it was drum front and rear. The bike was actually for sale, and the two guys let me on it, and would have let me ride off around the car park and lane if Id been interested, but id of had to sell one first, adn I gather that parts may be a problem as not particularly common in the uk


Shame, as Im coming round to thinking that modern bikes are getting too unnecessarily sophisticated and expensive 

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They weren't that popular, true, but they were great little bikes - definitely had the old CB 550 F character - and I really like their styling.

As far as parts go, that's not something that would put me off - talk to David Silver spares and see what their stocks are like for that model, and ask your local Honda dealer or do a bit eBay searching before you rule it out completely - Gotta be worth it.

You'll be amazed how many things are interchangeable between various Honda's of the 70's, 80's and 90's - I'd wager a front end or wheel & disc swap from something like a VF500/750, a CBX 750, or a CX 650/500 E would be a pretty straightforward way to get rid of the inboard discs (I know a CX500B front end fitted straight onto a CB500 that was 10-12 years younger) and CBR 600 forks/wheels etc seem to fit onto a whole range of other models with very little work. I'm sure the back brake could be sorted too in a similar fashion.

In my (very) humble opinion, a nicely braked/wheeled CBX 550 would be a lovely little bike and I'd be well jealous if someone had one.

Here's a photo of the aforementioned CB 500, with double disc CX 500 front end fitted (the CB 650 front end was also a straight fit) and 400 Superdream back wheel - as well as few other mods (from memory, I think the ignition coils and front brake master cylinder I fitted were from a CBX 550 2

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