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Noddy Holder is going back on the road with Slade and visits a 70s style clothes shop to get his stage costume together. ‘So what will you need, Noddy?’ asks the salesman. ‘A pair of platform boots. Pair of flared trousers. Big glittery hat. And a shirt with a big collar,’ says Noddy. ‘Kipper tie?’ asks the assistant. ‘Oh ta very much,’ says Noddy. ‘Milk and two sugars.’



White van man to pedestrian:
S'cuse me mate does yow now if there's a B & Q in Wolverhampton?

Sorry mate oi don't, but I nows theres 2 D's in Dudley.

Jonathan Ross has been nicked for shoplifting a kitchen utensil from Tesco.

He said it was a whisk he was pwepared to take

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Magic eye, stare through the image and you'll feel a bit cross eyed,then another 3d image appears

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err no it doesn't!

It's a sunbathing woman. Should be in the 'one for the guys' section ☺
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same here

That makes three of us and i have good eyes too!

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Yep sunbathing women with a towel at the side of her, heads on the left hand side, nice norks by the look of her.

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I could usually see those, but had trouble with it for some reason. [edit: of course, it would have helped if I had my glasses on, it seems...]

Did find this, which lets you 'see' what's hidden: http://magiceye.ecksdee.co.uk/

This is the image that Drewpy posted: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-HvrcvGVlEP4/UUiX2NcgSDI/AAAAAAAAB9M/r94VeeCEXaY/s1600/magic29.jpg

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an angry knob? with something behind it

Looks like a headless chicken to me

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