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~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~


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Thing that made me laugh today was this. (true story)

I was walking my dog early this morning and i heard a lot a heavy breathing and heavy foot steps behind me, so i turned around and to my amazement it was a very large older male running with his big ass dog! (so fat people can run)

But what was truly the high light of this event was when the poor guy soon become out of breath and stops for a rest....................well his dog WASN'T out of breath and WASN'T going to stop ........and with a sudden twang of the 8 meter long lead i soon sore the first ever fat superman! :biglaugha:

I pretty much cried with laughter! but i did go over n help him up and thankfully he had a giggle with me and said that its the fourth time he's done that :crazy:

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Perfectly timed photos. non of which have been photo shopped, all are real.


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got a kick outta this one...


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ERROR 37!!!!!!!

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