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XJ600 Project


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OK. I haven't picked up the bike yet but want to be prepared. List of things to do ,what order, what may need replacing etc

At the moment I don't even know what year it is ! Just know its a pre Divi XJ600.

What I'm thinking ( in no chronological order ) is the following:

1 : Fuel Tank. Rust inside ? Old Fuel ?

2 : Fuel lines. Knackered/perished ?

3 : Carbs. Stripped & cleaned ?

4 :CDI how to check ?

5 : Oil & Filter. Change before or after getting engine turned over ?

6 : Battery. Probably knackered from sitting outside for years.

7 : Rear shock. Repairable or pick up something 2nd hand. May be seized.

8 : Brake calipers. Rebuild or replace ? Brake lines renew with braided hose.

9 : Tyres. Replace. old tyres definitely knackered with sitting outside.

10: Chain & sprockets. renew.

11: Clutch. new plates & springs ? ?

12 :Other......

So what am I missing ? Anything major ? This is a project bike so will be worked on when time/finances allow.

All comments are greatly appreciated ( especially funny ones....)

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All sounds good if in need of repair, no way to test CDI other than put it on another bike.The gas tank can be sealed diy or profesionaly , a sonic bath for the carbs make them nice inside and out.Droping the oil may give you a idea what the eng is like but with the pistons having not moved in sometime prob best to do again after 1st run a wee bit of oil in the cylinders won't hurt either

Sounds like you can aford to spend quite a bit on it as the bike it's self was free.

Post a pictuer if you can I would like to see what a free bike looks like never seen 1 before I didn't know they existed

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Picking up bike next Friday Afternoon. Just got to hire a van to pick it up. Borrowing plank of wood from neighbour to make ramp.

Hopefully put some photos on here later that day.

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Id say do a complete strip down right down to the frame, get every thing off the bike and go from there giving it a 100% going over as with it being a "free" bike you have no idea whats lurking within it. plus you can then get shot of any rust etc.

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Will find out quite a bit about this bike when I pick it up. Belongs to a colleague of my wife.

Know its 1 owner from new. Female owner. No expense spared on servicing/parts etc when it was being used.

But you are right. I will be taken it back to the frame or as close as I can do. Got to put some decent walls on the carport it will be stored in so i can work on it in most weathers ! !

Looking forward to getting it now. Like Christmas come early ! ! !

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I built a shed out of wood and tarp to put my bike in when i took her apart and its still standing up now :biglaugha: even all that strong wind and rain we had..........never moved or ripped or nothing.

Go down B&Q they sell rolls of the stuff quite cheaply.

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My carport has a decent roof & 3 concrete posts holding up the outside. Brick wall on the other. Just got to build 3 walls ( 2 which are on hidden hinges so I can open them) & a wee roof from the carport to the gates to keep out prying eyes!

Just need finances,time & weather to do it...........

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  • 2 weeks later...

Got the bike last night. Its not looking tooo bad really...

Lots of cobwebs,bit of rust,dirt . The usual. Hope to get photos noto the Forum on Monday.

Dont have the paperwork with me ( Im at work) but its a 'H' reg. Hasnt been on the road since 04/2005.

its got engine bars on it so a wee bonus.

Right. Now is when you will start swearing & calling me names. Its got a pannier rack on it. With panniers. Krausser panniers. Almost unused. Working locks even.

& theres more. Complete.Unused.Never been built up & fitted to the bike. Powerbronze Touring Fairing.......

Ducking behind the chair now. Awaiting the flack. Remember all this was FREE ! ! !

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Yes. Now the long grind starts. Have to do o/t to get money for every part I need. Looking at between £600-£1000 to get it roadworthy going by various parts I have priced on the web.

18-24mnths work if i get the o/t fairly regularly.

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Her is the picture of my FREE bike. See free bikes do exist dt502001 ! !


Think the rear disc is done though.


Rear end with neat indicators for the pannier rack


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Free cobwebs as well. 36k on the clocks.


These brakes are still working ! still clean them up & prob replace seals.


Believe it or not rear brake works as well. Needs more work though.


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Forks are pitted up top. Best if I take them off & get them repaired/re chromed.


1st job. clean these out.


From the front.


Another side shot. Still cant believe I got this for FREE.


Touring fairing in big cardboard box so never took photos of it.

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  • Moderator

looks ok to me, its been dry as there would be no cobwebs otherwise.

that rear disk may be able to be very slightly skimmed, need to check the specs.

nice one. :)

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Rear disc slightly warped as well. may be safer replacing it. May try to find another rear wheel with a better disc & just change over. that way I can take my time getting rusty brake disc off & have a complete spare wheel.

Found photo of me on my RD125DX circa 1991. Think it was a 1982? bike


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Good one drewpy ! Yes. believe its the same engine. Smaller carbs ? Not sure. Think some of the switch gear was the same as well. Nothing else though. My brother had one of these. Lent it to a good friend who was killed on it by a car overtaking on a blind bend. he had no chance. Only bit of the bike still in one piece was the rear wheel ! !

How about some pics o the FZ then drewpy ? ?

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Albeit briefly. Decided to run jump leads from car to bike for electricity & circuit. Put fuel tap on prime.( :eusa_whistle: ) Switched on & had green neutral light ! wahey ! !

So decided to thumb starter just too see if the engine would even turn. It did. Thumbed it a couple more times & the engine ran !! Switched off hoping I havent done much damage. Wife came walking out & said "is it meant to be leaking fluid like that ?"

Sure enough petrol coming out the carbs ! ! :eusa_doh::icon_redface1:

So the carbs were gonna be taken off to be cleaned anyway. It runs though ! ! 7 year old petrol as well...

Pumped up the tyres & they are holding pressure so at least pushing it around the carport will be slightly easier.

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