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fzs 600 speedo sensor


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Hi out there,

I'm looking for a speedo sensor for my fzs 600 and there are none on eBay. Fowlers are looking for £120 for a new one but that goes against the grain. Does anyone know whether I can use a similar item from another Yamaha model as there are a few on eBay which look like they could fit although in some cases the wiring looks rather short? Many thanks.

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£10 from Yamaha dealership

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Hi clarkegray,

The part I am looking for is £120 from Fowlers Yamaha and is the item which starts at the wheel and is connected to the wiring junction box via a cable. The other part which fits into a recess in the wheel and revolves with the wheel is £20 from Fowlers (all incl delivery as I don't have time to do a 60 mile round trip to my nearest Yamaha dealer). According to Fowlers, what I need is called the speedo sensor and has been listed on eBay also as the sensor. I would willingly pay a tenner for it if I could but I think my description has led you believe I needed the rotor (I think) which is the small tube with lugs which fits into both the wheel and the sensor housing).

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I was thinking of the lug by the front wheel & maybe it was £18...? If it is that you should be able to see that one of the lugs has snapped. That's what was wrong with mine, the speedo needle didn't work and the odo didn't either but the rev counter did. I initially thought it was the wiring and connections under the tank but it wasn't. If u need part of the wiring loom try breakers yards....

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