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What bikes have we owned

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CB200 Benley,



XS250 x 2

Yamaha XJ600 Diversion (current bike/workhorse)

What I would like is a Honda C90

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16 - 17yrs

Honda SS50Sports Moped

17- 45yrs

BSA M20 (500cc Side valve)

Harley Davidson XLH1200 Sportster (current love)

Honda CM125

Honda 250RS

Honda 250 Dream

Honda 250 Super Dream

Honda 400 Super Dream

Lambretta TV175

Suzuki GT125

Suzuki GT380

Suzuki GSX250 X7

Suzuki GS550ES

Suzuki GS550M (Katana)

Suzuki GS850

Triumph 21 3TA 350

Triumph T140 Bonneville x2

Triumph TR6R tiger

Yamaha XVS 125

Yamaha XVS 650

Yamaha XJ900S Diversion

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  • 2 years later...

i first started at about 16 when i was giving a Honda 50 .i used to rag around private roads.in 1974 i bought a sl125 trials bike,had that a few years and in 1981 i traded it in for a XS 250 Se Yamaha.after a few years i put a 400cc engine in.finally got rid of that.later i was bought a kz100 Kawasaki Se from America.what a beast.it caught light got money back on insurance .the sad thing is i spent the money on a Suzuki gs850 that had been badly chopped .i eventually sold that about 15 years ago .Ive just been given a xj900s divie 97 reg.im in the process of doing it up .

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FS1E-DX DT100 RD250D RD400D XS250 Special XS650 Custom XJ750 Seca FJ1200 XJR1300 FJR1300 RD350B RD400C


CB125S CD175 CD200 CB200 CB250N VT250F CB400N CBX550 CBX750FE


AR80 AR125 KH100 KH125 KH250(x9) Z750L


AP50 GT185 GS550


Nippy Norman


Aprilia Ditech Leonardo 125 Habana 125 Yamaha XP500 TMax.

That's all I can remember at the moment.

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Going backwards it would be.



Midnight Maxim 750


Honda dream 400T

Suzi 250 barn find that was a piece of crap

Triumph bonnerville 650 Hagan frame dragster 0 to 100 in about 3 seconds but refused to go round corners without lot's of swearing

Honda 150, rode this one home from the hospital when the AJS tried to kill me

AJS 250 CSR14

Francis barnett Villiers 200 First ever bike, I was 14 at the time.

Plus I have had various other bikes over the years that were really forgetable, Oh yes I had for a day a NORTON Dominator that spat me off when the gearbox imploded, sold it for spares.

Forgot the JAWA sidecar outfit - well you would wouldn't you !!!

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'89 Yamaha DT50MX #G237MYA - Best bike in the world ever, would buy it back if i could find it.

'94 Jawa 640 - Bought as a barnfind, sold it a few years later to a mate at work, was a bit of a heap tbh.

'89 Yamaha XJ600 - Sounded like a bag of bolts but fast enough and almost cheaper than walking.

'82 Yamaha XJ650 Turbo - Ongoing restoration project.

'94 Honda Fireblade Urban Tiger - Nice bike to look at, fast, not really my thing though.

'82 Yamaha XZ550 - Cafe racer project.

'88 DT50MX - Bought to restore, now stripped and rebuilt and hidden away in the garage until i am old and wrinkly.

'83 DT50MX - Bought as a donor bike.

'9? DT50MX - Bought as a donor bike.

'8? DT50MX - Bought as a donor bike.

'8? DT50MX - Bought as a donor bike.

'9? DT50MX - Bought as a donor bike.

'83 Yamaha SR125 - Pulled it out of the hedge, fixed it up and sold it on.

'04 Yamaha Neos 50cc - Moped, bought as a non runner, got bored of it and sold it on.

'00 Aprillia SR50 - Non runner, broke for parts.

'8? RD80MX - bought to restore, lost interest, sold it when i moved base.

'04 Yamaha XT125X - Bought from grouch, fixed it, then couldnt get a spark, got pissed off and sold it.

'88 Honda CBR600 F1 Jelly mould - Bought as a project, sold on for a bit of a profit.

And the list is growing all the time :), as it stands now the only ones i still have are the XJ turbo, the XZ and the DT

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1979 XS250 1981 - 1983 Dog

1977 Honda 400/4 1982 - 1983 Sold to fund next purchase

1980 Triumph T140D Bonneville 1983 - 1989 Stolen (Bastards)

1955 Triumph Speed twin 5T 1985 - 1988 Sold as unfinished project (selling for really silly money nowadays)

1979 Yamaha XS1100 1989 - 2001 Wife organised sale

2000 Triumph Legend 900 2000 - 2005 Sold to raise funds

1982 Can-Am Bombardier 2003 - present Given as box of bits, still a box of bits

1979 Triumph T140D Bonneville 2004 - 2010 Sold when crank stripped itself

1997 Yamaha XJR1200 2010 - 2012 Sold to fund bike for sons birthday

2007 Triumph T100 Bonneville 2012 - Present Usual ride

1990 Yamaha XV535 2012 - Present Sons bike

1959 Triumph Speedtwin 5Ta 2012 - Present Bought as project and had a few wee runs on it (just needs fine tuning)

I owned a couple of bikes used on the hill before reaching 17 including a fizzy and a suzi ts125

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2012 Yamaha YBR125

2013 Triumph Tiger 800

Short list, lol!! Might be adding another to it soon though...

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started on a 25cc cyclemaster in 1963

bsa bantam150cc 1964

bantam 175cc in 1968 passed test on this.

jawa 250

Honda 250 k4

Suzuki 550 gt

Suzuki 750 gt

triumph 650 o.i.f

Honda 400 superdog

triumph 750 custom

Suzuki 750 gs

Suzuki 750 gs hardtail chop

Suzuki 750 gs lowrider

Harley softail evo

moto guzzi 750

current rides are yam xj900f and Suzuki gs 750.

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1977 Yamaha FS1

1978 Yamaha FS1

1981 Yamaha XS250SE

1984 Yamaha XJ650 (and had for 28 years from new)

1983 Yamaha XT250

1989 Yamaha FJ1200 3CV

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Some chinese POS 50cc scooter that I can't remember the make of

'85 Honda CG125

'91 Kawasaki GT750 (Z750-P5)

'82 Honda CB900

'79 Honda CB750-KZ

'85 Kawasaki GPZ600-A1

'82 Yamaha TR1

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Damn, I hate writing lists! So, in order of hazy memory

Honda SS50 (learnt to ride on this. On reflection, taking some kind of instruction before going up the road might have been wiser)

Puch M50 (paid £8 for it out of someone's garden. Didn't really work properly so used it in a field, painted it black and gold and sold it!)

Honda C90 x 3 (different times, various states of repair, all ran, one with missing screen, brake, MOT, tax...)

Honda 50 (clockwork, only worked on the straights or downhill)

Honda CG125 (fab bike. 50 mile round trip commute every day. Only time it failed was when some git nicked my HT lead. Spent 45 minutes trying to start it before I realised!)

Suzuki TS125 (Egyptian export model. Worked brilliantly, even after being straightened out with a hammer following an over-enthusiastic approach to a sharp bend)

SV650 (my first big bike. Naked model, went on a European touring holiday two weeks after passing test. Spent 10 days developing huge neck muscles trying to keep up with all the faired bikes. My first experience of how to lose money when selling a bike)

Honda VFR750 (painted RVF colours. Comfortable, smooth, fast. Found out it was a Category C write off when tried to trade it in! Second experience of losing money when selling a bike)

Kawasaki ZZR600 (Hated it, most uncomfortable bike ever owned. Failed to notice there was no 5th gear when test riding. See above re: losing money)

Honda Firestorm (Fast and fun. Rubbish brakes and worse fuel economy than a 747. See above re: losing money)

Aprilia Falco (Superb bike. Fast, fun, fab brakes, comfortable for long distances. Lost some of the shiny bits following an incident with wet cobbles and sunken tramlines in Germany. See above re: losing money)

Aprilia Falco (As above, kept the shiny bits intact but strangely, never quite as good as the first one. See above re: losing money)

Yamaha TRX850 (bought as hack bike. Hated it, gave to my partner who loved it until it died a natural death)

Forgot this one! Yamaha FZR400 (Only bike I've ever really tried to highside. Partner refused to take it as the clutch was so stiff. Also have it on good authority that it was so small, it looked like it was going to disappear up my flute! Can't remember now but probably lost money when sold)

Suzuki GSXR750 SRAD (always wanted one so bought as next hack bike. Stupidly fast, dodgy electrics. Fixed all the probems and then sold it! See above re: losing money)

Kawasaki ZX6R (hack bike. Was fun for a little while but got bored as kept running in to it's handling limits. See above re: losing money)

Aprilia RSV1000 (Yay! Came with all the tweaks I'd beeing trying to get in to the Falco. Eventually got fed up with having to concentrate on staying on all the time! See above re: losing money)

Yamaha XJ6S (this is where the YOC came in :jossun: Eventually lost interest but my partner has it now and she loves it. No money lost!)

Benelli TreK 899 (present bike. I am in love :love: )

Got a feeling I might have missed a couple but I seem to be missing large chunks of teenage memory for some reason...

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Not many bikes but thought id join in.

XVS 125 Dragstar

XVS 650 Dragstar

XJ 600 Diversion (picking up next week end)

Might sell Betty next year and get either a 1600 wildstar or a Hardly Moving Son

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'93 - '94 F reg Honda City Express

'07-'13 Piaggio Zip (50)

'13- present SR125

And after reading Katie's list I remember having a Puch Maxi and a couple of us had a black 250 Suzi..... used in a very similar fashion in some back fields around '91 ish

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Oh boy my memory is gone but here goes

Articat 5hp 1974

honda xr 70 1975

kawak kx80 1978

suzi rm 80

suzi rm 125

yam yz125

yam it 175 1981

Honda cb360t 1975?

suzi gs 750 1978

yam rd 350 1980+1981

yam rd400 1977

yam rd 350 1978

yam rz 350 1983& 4

kawak gpz 750 1981

honda nsr 400 1987? hated the fucking thing only bike was happy to get ridof,now wish I had it rare bike

susi gs750 1983

yamfz600 1986

suzi gsxr 750 1985 &6

yamxs400 1982?

yam rz 350 1988

suzi gs1100 1981

yam wr250f 2001

suzi gsf1200 2001

Thoes are the bikes I owned and rode,cant remember all the one's I bought and fixed and sold and I probably missed something

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I'm a newbie so only

Piaggio Liberty 50cc
Suzuki Intruder VL125

Now Yamaha Dragstar XVS125

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Ariel Arrow (field bike)
Puch Maxi (x2)
Gilera stepthru with teeny-tiny 10" wheels (larf? I did!)
Garelli something-or-other stepthru
Suzuki FR80
Honda CB200
MZ250 Supa5 (Red, new, SMIDSY'ed at 5 weeks old)
MZ250 Supa5 (Blue, 2nd hand, Honda TLS front brake so it wouldn't get SMIDSY'ed so easily)
Honda CM250T
Yam XS250
Yam XS750
5 year gap while doctors figure out my inner ear problem
Honda CX650E
BMW K100
Honda NX650 }
Honda XBR500 }Can you tell I went through a 'singles' phase?
Suzuki GN400 }
Honda NTV650 + Yam SR125

Piaggio X8 125 - twist'n'go giggle machine

Suzuki Bandit 600N

Kawasaki GTR1000 'Megabus' - Current, being eyed up by number 1 son but battle commencing with his son (my grandson Alex) for ownership:


Yam XJ900S Divvy - Current and I love it!

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honda cb 50J

Honda cj250

Yamaha Xs 250

Yamaha Xs 250 with 400 engine

Honda vfr 400

Kawasaki gpz 600r

Kawasaki Gpz 750r

Honda cbx 750

yamaha virago 750

yamaha fzr600

cz 125

yamaha virago 535

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