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  1. I have replaced the starter solenoid as when I tried to start the bike, the solenoid just chattered, unfortunately the new solenoid does the same; any thoughts on what to try next? Starter motor, starter button???
  2. Kim

    fz6 fazer 600

    Hi Howie/Mike, I have also just purchased an FZ6 Fazer S2 and have wondered how to convert the headlight operation to duel lights, I have searched Google and found some Mod examples but they all seem to be for older models. The Mod that you have discribed Howie, is that for an S2 or is that for an earlier model as well? I must admit that I haven't tried riding it at night yet but want as good a light as possible a) to be more visible and to see as well as possible at night. I did ask "Key's" Worthing where I bought it from and they said that they would do the mod on the 60
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