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  1. Kurnai

    Strange Message

    Has anyone else received an message in their inbox requiring them to use a third party opening system ?? the opening page has "Please Help" ... Thats All ..? The member has NO details listed, joined yesterday,
  2. I have just about got R.S.I. of the finger trying to find Sliders or Crash (Fall) Protectors for an FZR 1000, they seem to exist for everything BUT !!.. Has anyone seen them ANYWHERE in the world, .. Its getting to the stage that I may pay some crafty guy person to actually make me up a set.. ANY help/Advice would be muchly 'preciated .. Ta. Kurnai..
  3. Kurnai

    biking in oz

    Hi, and welcome to the Wide Open Roads, and, YEP, they are Sneaky Buggers, Where are you off to ??.. IF its up my way, I have a XJ900 you are welcome to,.. FREE .. GRATIS .. Rego & Roadworthy Certificate, needs Indicator and a wash.. Goes like a cut cat. If interested get back to me.. Kurnai
  4. Just got a reply from Yamaha Aust: QUOTE" All Yamaha dealers are required to provide after sales service to units irrespective of their age". UNQUOTE. :yay: (Dear God YAMAHA MotorCyclists, PLEASE let this be the case elsewhere so that my friends can utilize this meager little fact to their benefit.) I did not figure that my little Rant & Rave would have such a positive result, (for me anyway) ..Hope it is of use to others out there that have/had this problem.. Kurnai
  5. Message for the Original Poster: Scientests have managed to calculated that the average Harley Riders dick is 3.7 inches long (When Hard) BUT ..... they have run into a problem with the rest of the study, .. How much does a Cunt weighs .. So, could you hop on the scales and get back to us !!!!
  6. Not exactly doing anything wrong, just does NOT seem to "Feel " rights, besides just rode it back here from Sydney 2000 odd K's and I wanted it tuned up and serviced after 32 hours running, although there is a slight petrol fume smell after filling up, ( I HAD to fit in as much as I could on the trip some servo's are about a tank apart out here) .. also the clutch is not slipping or such, it just seems a little out of adjustment, long take up to engage. Kurnai
  7. BOY, am I PISSED OFF, just rang the local dealer here in Townsville (Australia) ..TOWNSVILLE Moto-Sport YAMAHA Only to be told by the (and I'll be nice) Lady ??? I spoke to that my pride & Joy is TOO old for them to work on .. (Could have had something to do with the fact that I asked how long it would take to remove the fairings as I did NOT want to pay someone Aus $80 per hour to do it..) (Ned Kelly - BushRanger) When is a bike consider by a YAMAHA Dealership to be TOO old for them to even Look at/Service/Tune up ??? and the piece (Female) on the phone was as arrogant a
  8. I was once told , MANY years ago, that the ONLY time you see a Harley rider with the wind in his hair is when they are by the side of the road, WAITING FOR THE TOW TRUCK/BREAKDOWN SERVICE> :)
  9. Hi you lot, Saw a similar post somewhere a few years ago, (You should have SEEN some of the responses:) .. Got me to wondering, WHAT, IF you had the $$$'s, would you have sitting in your garage (Read:Lounge/Bedroom). ..
  10. Kurnai

    Photo Upload ??

    Can someone please tell me how to upload a photo on this site, I'll then post one of the "New' ride.
  11. Hi All, was searching for info on my latest ride, 87 FZR 1000RR, (Re-Named "The BEAST") and came across this site, So here I am, Have not had such a Ride, (or SCARE) since I first got on a bike, It goes like a Rocket Sled on Rails ... Have not been on a bike for a while, but i went down to Sydney and road back to Townsville on it.. 2065 k's of PURE PLEASURE, although it took me a couple of hundred k's to get used to it ..(Read: TAME the Bloody thing Will probably harrass some of you if I need help sorting anything out. Regards Jody
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