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  1. slysi

    newbie on board

    thanks for the welcome )
  2. slysi

    newbie on board

    Hi Simon small world eh! as for not wanting to go for the thou probally a wise choice being the first biggie youv'e owned , thats what every one told me and i belived it so much i didnt bother for years (4 gsxr 600s and an 02 model r6 )quote"(you dont need any more power than the 600) but now i can say its only as fast as you make it and it can be as docile as a 400 if you want , (trouble is you soon forget that what you want isnt what you need) well happy safe riding on your r6 , and thanks for the welcome
  3. slysi

    newbie on board

    Some say "better the devil you know"! All i can say is this bike is so awsome i cant belive how good it is compared with my gsxr 600 thats for sale on ebay i know thats only a 600 but the power delivery on this r1 is out of this world , i cant comment on what any other r1 is like to ride as this is the first one i have rode and owned . Its also so easy to ride at leagal speeds , (just a it boring) Its funny ive owned an r6 5eb model and 4 gsxr 600s and i allways thought id never need any more power than one of them untill that is i got this i couldnt ever go back to a 600 again but saying that if i dont get what i want for my zk3 gsxr alstare i will sell the complete body work and stick race farings on and do trackdays on it . Im not brave enough to take this r1 on the track,.Ps the bike is nearly due for its first service i just cant stay off of it so been clocking up the miles si
  4. slysi

    newbie on board

    thanks much appreciated:O)
  5. slysi

    Battery blues

    Hi depends how much you use it really the best advice i can give is get an optimate battery charger if you have electricty in your garage that is, ive had one for 3 years and never bought a new battery it even revives old ones you can also get solar powered ones i used one for track days on my gsxr running total loss check out ebay for one of them
  6. slysi

    newbie on board

    Hi to you all i have just joined and want to wish you all a happy new year im lucky enough to of just purchased a brand new r1 in graphite i havent got any pictures yet but will add one soon as poss uptill now ive been a 600 gixer owner i have had 3 srads and i currently still have my alstare k3 model think ill probally sell it now i have the r1 , ive wanted an r1 since i first walked into the local bike shop , to get a set of ht leads for my lc 350 back in 98 so its taken ten years but got there eventuallY , , So Hi to you all,,,,,Si
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