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  1. Yamaha XS36o owners; Last fall I purchased a 1976 XS360 for $1000.00 CAD in hopes of trading up this spring. For a number of reasons trading up does not look like an option. The bike is in decent shape mechanically. It starts instantly in all weather. the transmission shifts smooth. It cruises at 55 mph (90km) at around 5500 rpm and gets about 124 miles per tank. I find it fun to ride as well. The problem is I still yearn for something bigger, newer, and more beautiful. What I am looking for is someone to tell me how lucky I am to have what I got. This would carry even more weight if it were from an XS360 owner. Please help me to fall more in love and more proud of my plain, old, bike.
  2. I reached the first little milestone in my young road riding career (100 miles). I marked the occasion by running out of fuel. I was lucky to be at a parking lot where I coasted in, to switch the tank to reserve. and fired her back up. Incidently, I was on my way to get fuel, my first ride in moderate traffic. What a thrill it has been already. It has been a long time since I have been this consumed and excited by anything with the exception of God moments. I started out in my yard, practicing starting, stopping, circles and steering around pilons. when I got bored of this I rode on country roads with next to nil traffic. Today in Chatham, Ontario Canada the temperature was an unseasonable 15' c and I took advantage of it by riding to the lake ( about 20 KMS one way ). I managed to stay composed for the whole trip. When I got home though I was stoked! I love this riding thing even when it is cold. I can't wait until next spring to ride in comfortable weather. I'm thinking I will never want to get off her. Mike
  3. Hello All, I am a brand new member, who just put a deposit down on a 1976 Yamaha XS360. I had been looking at new V-Star 650's, but I decided to go with this first as the insurance is $750 less for the first year, and if I drop her I am not going to break into uncontrolled sobs. I am purchasing the bike from a reputable, established dealer and it comes with a safety certificate. The purchase price is $1000.00 Canadian. Straight away I am looking for an owners manuel and a windshield. I welcome any comments, congratulations or otherwise. Mike
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