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  1. Thanks Jimmy, il get photos as soon as I can (bike is not stored at my house unfortunately) appreciate you getting back to me.
  2. cheers guys, done this approach for months, guess il keep looking.
  3. Hey, I have recently purchased a dragstar off ebay and bought a pig in a poke. Its beautiful to look at and has been converted to a bobber. The previous owner has put harley controls on it and the existing wiring doesnt fit, therefore I cannot twist the throttle and I'm not a fan of holding the indicator switch as I turn (still a novice rider) I'm looking either for original controls or something that will do the job - by controls i mean left and right hand controls on the handlebars (brakes, clutch, lights, indicators, etc) Can anyone help me? Desperate to get on it as the summer months are rapidly approaching.
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