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  1. Thanks, I'll add that to the list I'm looking at. Much appreciated. Just to add - I have a power commander 5 that came with it so I have upgraded the firmware and fitted it with a gess on the map and have booked it in for a Dyno on Saturday. Thanks
  2. I was looking at getting the Cobra FI2000 PowrPro Black Tuner for my XVS 1300. A bit pricey, but it tunes on the go which sounds good. However I've seen some complaints it doesn't work that well and don't want to part with that much money for nothing. The lower model seems to be just the same but manual tuning and I'm not changing stuff that much anyway. Does anyone have any experience with a good fuel management system to get rid of the usual XVS quirks, popping and snatching. I have changed the air intake and drilled the stock exhaust on mine (for now).
  3. UKDale

    My Midnight Star

    A few images of how it is now after some changes over the year or so I've had it.
  4. UKDale


    From the album: My Midnight Star

    Upgraded my front wheel to a 21" Harley Breakout wheel, happy with the look
  5. Hi Glad to be here and hopefully get some help and advice for my XVS 1300 (2013). I've done a few things to it already and want to do loads more. Love making my bikes my own, I don't do standard.
  6. UKDale

    my bike

    2013 Yamaha XVS Midnight Star
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