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  1. It's not that. Same thing.... Tested the compression. Front at 170, back at 165 psi. Looks good. Could it be a vacuum leak? I'll test for that. The intake manifolds looks somewhat cracked. So I checked the carburetor joints with propane torch and with carburetor cleaner spray. Definitely there are cracks! RPM goes down greatly. Ordered new ones from partzilla. While waiting for the parts I unplugged the air induction system. No more backfiring. But I am sure it just got rid of the symptoms. Bike still starts when cold without choke.
  2. TPS was out of specifications. Was at 928 Ohm at slosed throttle and full throttle 4280 Ohm, Changed to 650 - 4000 Ohm. Also changed ignition coils although they were within specs. Cheap, only $17 a piece. I didn't disassemble choke. Took it for a spin. No more backfiring. Maybe the TPS was the problem. Will report back after a few runs.... Will check spark plugs and MPGs.
  3. I changed air filter, I changed spark plugs. Could it be the coil? I disassembled and cleaned carburetor many times. All parts look good. Blew carb-cleaner and air through all possible holes. Still rich. If it is electrical wouldn't I have problems starting up?? But it starts up even without pulling the choke... even in the morning (not so cold here in DC at around 50s now). Maybe it is running on choke all the time... May need to disassemble that. For that I need to separate both carbs and I was trying to avoid that... But on the other hand bike runs well, revs without hesitation into high rpm/speed. takes me uphill just fine.
  4. Need help! I have a Vstar 650 classic, all stock. Here's my problem: Starts up no problem. It's running too rich. Symptoms: Spark plugs totally black, fouled. Oil very black, backfiring when decelerating, very bad MPG at around 30, was 50 before. What I did: replaced all jets, cleaned carburetor, checked float level, changed gas, turned pilot air screw 5 times out (normal 2.5 times). Still backfiring... What else can I do?
  5. Hello, I'm riding a 2001 Vstar 650 classic.
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