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    Would the USA version be diffrent to the European Yamaha XS 850. Lookin at the comments being made?
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    Hi All, Can anyone recommand clutch friction plates , steel plates and compression springs for a Yamaha xs850sh. I have seen them on ebay. Not really sure if I can trust the items on there. On another note would anyone know the torque pressure for the outtercasing and all the clutch internals parts. Cannot find this on the Hays manuel or on google .. Any advice would be welcomed. Live long & Prosper Thank you
  3. John1

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    It did scare me when I took the outter casing off and saw the inside. I thought to myself, what I'm doing help.. LOL
  4. John1

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    Hi All, Just joined the club. I have a Yamaha xs850sh 1980 which belonged to my late father. Over the last few years I have slowly rebuilt the bike. I have had ups and down with the bike initialy I gave it to a motorbike mechanic who had the bike over a year and promised me it will be up and running with an MOT. So I could Nova register for UK reg. I ended up going to the garage and loading the bike onto my van and took it home. With no MOT and still not running. The bike now starts and UK reg with an MOT. I am now doing the clutch. Looking forward to finding out more
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