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  1. Hi, I have a Majesty YP 250 from the year 2000. Bought her for a song 6 months back (at 28k miles), and replaced a few bits to use for the daily commute. Soon after getting the Maj. had a drive belt snap (likely it was very old). Got a genuine Yamaha belt and replaced. Noted that variator pulley had a slight 'step' in it, which was notable when throttle off from about 60mph down to 55-ish. Anyway, six months and about 4.5k miles after replacing belt it's gone again. Considering replacing both pulleys along with new belt, and have a couple of questions for any thoughts, plea
  2. Hi, My 1999 / T-reg. Yam. Majesty YP250 engine has seized, needing a complete replacement. Does anyone know where I can get one? If you're a mechanic in Essex, do you want the work, and roughly how much please?! Thanks Jon
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