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  1. Hi guys, thanks for the welcome! Haha drewpy, maybe you're onto something! In reply to you Mr Airhead the plan is to restore the TT to as close to factory as I can, and yes get it on the road. Although as you said finnerz89 I do kind of like the desert racer vibe too, inspired by On Any Sunday of course! If it was a couple of decades older it'd definitely go that way. Once again thanks for the welcome guys, cheers all
  2. Hey folks, my name's ditchkid and I'm new here. I've come to join the party because I just got my second Yamaha bike and I've already found a lot of very valuable advice on this forum and figured it was time to make it official. I currently have a '97 DragStar 650 which is pretty heavily customised, kind of an old school chopper, and a relatively new acquisition which is an '83 TT600 with most of the original bits still on it! But not all, most notably the tank, and good lord they seem rare! I found one on German fleabay and its on it's way, so fingers crossed. I've currently got a
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