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  1. I thought it would be best to introduce myself on here, I have just bought my first bike, being a DT125RE 2006. I’m happy with the bike although it will need a bit of TLC, maybe even a top end soon as it’s on 23,000 KM, I’m going to get a compression tester and find out though. I’m thinking of even doing a full rebuild to get the bike looking brand new as I do have a soft spot for the bike especially being my first. If I go down this road I think I’ll buy an Athena 170 top end kit and rebuild the bottom end. We’ll see what the finances are saying in a couple of months. First things I did was flush out the 2 stroke oil, coolant and gear oil, they are now all topped up to the service manual specification, I ran through what was left in the tank and the bike was running a bit odd at especially high revs, by odd I mean bogging down. I have put some ‘new’ petrol in it (been sat in a sealed container for a little bit) and took it back out and started up first try on e start with choke on, revved it a little, choke off and off I went with no problems, it was nice and nippy... until 60-65mph, despite doing the usual snip the green and black cable and attaching to ground it didn’t seem as though there was any difference, maybe my ground was just no good, I’m not exactly the best with electrics so was a bit uncertain. I’ll retry that tomorrow and hopefully I’ll notice it then. The bike has a Big one complete system, stock jets, stock air filter and snorkel. I’m wondering whether an aftermarket snorkel and air filter would be worth it. I think I’m going to up the main jet to 230 to allow for the more free flowing pipe and the reed valves I will be doing hopefully soon, maybe that will help if I still run into issues with high revs too though I didn’t have any issues earlier. Any tips with the DT would be greatly appreciated, if anyone has any pics of their ground on the green and black I would love to see them so I can have a bit more confidence in my ground. I will hopefully be ready to ride completely legally in a couple of months and hopefully the bike is running crisp by then. I live near Peterborough so if there is any local riders that would be up for a bit of greenlaning I certainly would.
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