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  1. Hi, I'm having issues getting the Flickr and Photobucket apps to work on my phone. I've had a look at other image sharing sites and am finding it all a bit bamboozling. Can anyone suggest anything else? I think I have an older DT125 (Thanks Cynic!) but I was wanting people who know about this sort of thing to have a look at some pictures as some of the kit on the bike looks like it could be for a 175. What's left of the frame number matches the engine number which is 1F9-006545. Thanks!
  2. I've had another look at the frame number and what is left is the same as the engine number? The Flikr and Photobucket apps don't work on my phone, or I'd upload images! Hmmm...
  3. Hi Cynic, Thanks for clearing that up. I'm away to have another trawl for more info. The frame number has mostly gone and I really can't make out anything. It looks like it could have been ground off at some point... The magneto flywheel on it is for a 50 and it's missing the magnets. There's a DT125 magneto on ebay, but it's possibly for a later model. Do you have any idea if they're interchangable? I suspect it's going to be a case of try it and see. ;) Thanks again.
  4. Hey all. I have a Dt175mx, apparently. There's no frame number as its come off when I tried taking the layers of paint off with sanding it... I have the engine number 1F9006545. Can anyone tell me what I actually have as the flywheel on the magneto is missing its magnets and it seems to be for a 50 from the numbers on it. I have pictures but I'm not sure how to upload them... Thanks!
  5. Hi! My other half has acquired a Dt175 possibly mx version from roughly 1974. I'm here to try and get some info on how to fix it as I think it's been thrown together with odd parts. Also, someone has taken the magnets out the magneto flywheel...
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