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    DT125 Exhaust change?

    ah okay perfect thanks!
  2. Hello, ive just got myself a completely standard 2001 imported dt125. I’ve been looking at dep exhausts for a better noise and possibly better performance? Any one know if they make much difference and weather it’s worth changing the front pipe as well or just go with the silencer on it’s own? thanks in advance lee
  3. cheers, looking forward to getting out on it the first time this weekend! anything else worth keeping and eye out for on them or just the general maintenance? have just got and got my self a haynes manual which should help.
  4. hello all, just turning 30 and decided to by myself my first bike. I’ve brought my self a DT125 import with 5,000 miles on the clock. It looks mint but not knowing a lot about bikes is a bit daunting. My plan is to get the grips with this DT and move on to do my bike test later in the year and have a bit more choice on bikes. Any advice along the way will be appreciated from you guys!
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