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  1. I have a 2001 XV535DX, the ignition key fits the Ignition, Petrol cap & Helmet Lock. But as for the steering lock there is no key when I purchased the bike from my wife's late Uncle's widow. How would I go about getting the old Steering lock barrel out so I could buy a new one complete with key
  2. Hi mate Ok that's good to know then about the lock number. Well looking underneath there seems to be an area where a center stand can be bolted through, and have seen stands for sale on various bike sites but not paying silly money for one
  3. Thanks Cynic I will settle with the lean then, but will look out for a Center Stand on ebay, As I don't have a key for the lock, all I have is that number that's stamped on the Lock itself 0141, so I hope that will do with the V5 and Vin number.
  4. Had the chance last week to purchase a Yamaha XV535DX Virago last week, it was my wife's late Uncle's, it's a 2001, he was second owner from 2004. It is in mint condition (only done 14 mile from last July 2018, and 7300 miles in total. It's a great little bike to ride and enjoy. Just have a couple of questions for some help/Advice please. Q1. Unfortunately it did not come with a steering lock key (her Aunty can't find it), have tried finding somewhere to get a replacement key but no luck, have seen sets on ebay for compete set of Tank Cap, Helmet Lock, Ignition & Steering Lock but they seem a bit cheap £29 !. Or a steering lock from a bike store for £28 but how to get old one out ?. Q2. Not too keen on the side stand as it has too much lean, is there anyway of making it a bit more upright or getting hold of a 2nd hand center stand. Many thanks for your advice Kev
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