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  1. Oh ok will it let to much air in? Thanks the help
  2. Hi all I have a dt125 Re 04 the power valve bush end cap on the right side has snapped off somehow I think due to vibration my question is would it be ok to ride without it for a few days while I wait for the part, it’s realising exhaust gasses and also sound really tappy any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi I have recently noticed that both brake callipers have moment in them. It's not where the bracket is but where the actual calliper sits. The whole calliper has Tiny amount of movement in it. It almost seems like it is meant to move because it has tiny spongy plastic gator on the brake calliper mount, just wanted to make sure tho. So if someone could advise me that would be a great help as I aM worried that it will brake it if I continue to ride it many thanks dtstrider
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