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  1. carbs cleaned. converted to the witches hat type, still no go !!!! converted back and aaarrrrgggghhhhh nothing,. cheers guys. still a long way off, just doing it in between other jobs:)
  2. hi all, thought id say hello, iv picked up a pair of 1978 xs 250's, one a runner (not very well) and the other in bits but mostly there. Im nuilding, and stripping them into flat track racers , as im doing both Dirt Diggers events, and Dirt Quake for 2019. So far its coming along slowly, as stripped, chopped and wiring cut out where i dont need it. need a few parts. just build the stainless exhausts, both upswept and straight through. These carbs though, stripped, rebuild, bought new sliders and diaphragms,and still not running right, pilot and main jet cleaned and good!! anyhoo thats what im up to, im sure im about to post pics once i know how lol 11's
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