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  1. hello peoples, well as title..looking for dt125lc mk1 rear mudguard...also side panel/ ..clocks../ wiring harness. oh also rear mudguard with number plate hanging. for 1988 dtr125 thank you
  2. ok jimmy i might just go by this book, and see what happens when and if i get finished. thanks. im sure to be back for more answers. might as well keep them all in one thread. again thanks
  3. yes jimmy, all sorted just need to make sure i get the right amount of oil in. i now got service manual and convert what i think into ml. it says us 10.3 us oz now it does not say total or in each fork? so if i got it right that is just under 305ml...?
  4. thank you to everyone, i pushed even harder with success, i do lots of searches before i bother anyone on here. i do try sort things myself. thank you all, and dont suppose anyone knows the amount of oil in each fork? after searching i see so so many different answers, so i got to thinking it is just under 305ml.? in each fork.. anyone confirm this? or correct amount. thank you in advance oh am i missing something, why does no one have a thank you button?? or i just cant see them.
  5. thank you jimmy and slice, iv'e tried pushing down on them, but i will try harder this time as i did not want to break anything as i did not know that is how it is done. thank you.
  6. ok just in case there is anyone out there that has the time or knowhow . ive got seals and dust seals off, ive cleaned out both bottom tubes of gunk. i now just do not know how to get the top of the forks out? in picture 2? am i in the wrong place to get any answers?
  7. well i've managed to get the dust seals up, but in picture one the very tops, i don't have a clue what it takes to get into the top to fill the oil, or how to remove the fork part to get he oil seals out? anyone?
  8. hello people, hope you can help me on some parts of the project im very slowly being able to do. this is how to get the top off the top of the forks? no nut to undo? i want to change the oil and seals? i've tried looking for the exact forks that someone has a video or pics on how to.but cannot find the same. if anyone can share a link they know about or help me out here. would really appreciate it. here is pictures off the top part i cannot see how to get out?? also the seal i need to remove. also all the horrid oil that came out..
  9. hi, yes that's the dt125lc 1982 i thought i had.. not sure what kind of story how a ty250 1975 model can be mixed up. but after doing some digging around. all the ty250 numbers i was seeing were the same or not very close to my frame and engine number,,, so still very confused...
  10. and wow... just got another email from motorcyclesspareparts giving parts catalog below..??? Dear Mr(s) Barber, Than you for your reply. Please find the spare parts catalog attached. Kind regards, Mit Freundlichen Grußen, Met vriendelijke groeten, Frank Hazekamp thing is , i dont know a lot about bikes, but just to look at a ty250 and a dt125 there is massive difference in the looks. my engine has 10v on it. both numbers on frame and engine are proper, clean , nothing has been etched off.. im also re doing the swing bar on the bike.. how can this all be??
  11. well now i'm even more confused... just got an email from yamaha customer service. now i know it is not a 1975 ty250 just by looking at the bike when i 1st got it. im actually re doing the petrol tank at the moment..here is there email... any thoughts anyone.?? really thought i would get some real answers..if they dont know then no one wll surely.. Good Morning, Thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately due to the age the information is very limited. From the number you have supplied 493-000829 I can advise the machine is a 1975 model year TY250. The machine would have originally been a trials machine (off road) and is not likely to be road registered. I can advise older machines do not have a 17 digit VIN as they only came out in the 2000’s.
  12. hello, thanks for your reply, i've triple checked the frame numbers, and there does seem to be no more prefix before the 493 or after. i thought they brought the 17 vin in 1981. i read somewhere. i've been reading and reading looking searching. seeing so much information, a lot of people saying different things. i've ended up knowing less information than i started with. lol . i thought very strange not to have 1 letter in the first 3 digits...
  13. hello all, i have been reading and reading tons on this subject, only seeing 9 digit numbers with a letter in them. now on my what i think is a mk1 1982 dt125lc has this 9 digit on frame 493-000829 and on engine has 000 829 now when i have been searching, and others having same only 9 digits , they have at least one letter in this. anyone able to give me any info on this bike? did it ever start as a road legal bike, as this was bought as a off road bike 7 years ago. only just got back to this project, so any help getting the full information on this would be great. i know nothing much about bikes, did they sell off road bikes in 82? stupid question i expect. hope you all can help... justin
  14. hello, just popping in to say hello to everyone. i have an old 1982 dt125lc project i started 7 years ago. so thought i would join here to get back on project after all these years. i'm a member of few different forums. none of which are bike related. i hope i can read lots here and hope to learn, also be nice to help others if possible. hope to have the time to get on here when i can.
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