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  1. Thanks! By now i have tried every possible combination of valve setting (within the tolerances of course), air filter, sprocket, exhaust (stock/Highway Hawk straight pipes/BSM vline and Open headers), and every jet from 90 to 110. No matter what I do I cant sqeeze more than 50-55 average from the bike, downhill and extreme rpm might get me up to 58, but thats rare. Top speeds of 65 and above are definitely not possible with that bike in it's current condition and I just cant figure out what I am overlooking... If they all would be that slow, i wouldn't even bother, but the fact that I know that it's not running Right is driving me nuts. I think the problem is that there is still something from that stupid 80km/h (about 50mph) restriction left, but I cant figure it out... And also, how many notches should the stock main needle in the carb have? Thanks for helping me?
  2. Hi, Sorry, didnt have much time to work on the bike and reply here, but there's some news: To make sure everything is Ok with my bike I reverted it completely to stock again (exhaust, filter, jet and sprocket) and it still wouldnt go any faster than about 58mph and MUCH less on slight uphill but oddly not much more on downhill. Given the fact that its a real heavy 125cc cruiser, I usually wouldnt bother, but many DragStars seem to run better. I am now going to take it apart to access the carb and adjust the valves (appearently never done before I bought it and has about 15.000km on the clock). I also found out that it was restricted to 80km/h before I bought it, the pre owner said this was achieved with metal Rings in the headers, but they were already removed when I bought the bike. However, I wonder if there's any other restrictions because that's how the bike feels... For the valve adjustment I read that the intake should be 0.08mm-0.12mm and exhaust 0.10mm-0.14mm, can anyone confirm this? And does someone have torque specs for the little lock nuts on the adjuster? Thanks :)
  3. Hi, Wow, that's a real huge jet range for one engine, I just thought that 110 would be too much because it's already the stock size for the xvs 250... Well, appearently it is not too much.The 110# jet arrived and I went on a test ride. In the bottom to mid rpm range the engine seems to have slightly more torque, but I still can only squeeze it to just under 60mph and drop back at least 10mph on the flat when shifting to 5th gear. Top speed beyond 60 and permanently cruising at 60 is just not possible, it is a mystery to me how other people in this thread achieve those results with the listed mods, it just doesn't seem to work right for me... If anyone has some ideas, please let me know, I want to properly benefit from those mods,too... Thanks
  4. Yes you are right,stock is 16t. But given the fact that many other xvs 125 owners actually experienced a Performance gain with larger front sprockets, I decided to try a 17t first. However, the bike feels best with the 18t sprocket, regardless of low speeds. I discovered a "xv 125 virago power up" guide on another forum and since the engines are very similar and carb is the same except jetting I'm going to follow that guide. It says to run 110 main jet, which seems huge, so I put a 105 in just to try and it actually improved performance. I was able to make straight 60 mph in 4 gear for the first time and power drop in 5th is much less, all with the 18 front sprocket. I also noticed my jet needle only has two notches, but whenever I read a thread on mikuni bds26 carb setup most people write things about at least 5 notches, is it possible that my needle isn't stock? And should I try a 110 main jet or would that be too much ? Thanks :)
  5. So I just took a ride with the 17 tooth sprocket and there was no real improvement, just higher rpm. if i accelerate every gear until it doesnt get any faster i Can reach just below 59 in 4th and it stays pinned there. Upshift to 5 and i slowly lose speed to about 50. slightest uphil and i max out at 45 At lower gear and high revs to maintain speed..
  6. Hi, Yes, I have to hold it At full throttle in 4th, acceleration is good to about 40 and after that is slowly creeps to 50-55 and thats it in 5th i drop back to 40-45. I took a look Art the needle, it only has two notches and was already fully raised so I left it how it was. I also thought that it feels over geared, weird thing is other people seem to have great results with the 18t Front sprocket...however i odered a 17t just to Check if it gets better
  7. Hi, sorry to bring up this old topic but I have a question that is directly related to this. Snooping around the net for methods to ugrade my xvs a bit I found this guide. I followed all the instructions (even the filter) and the performance of my bike actually got worse... I cant get it to do more than 55mph any more, even Full throttle downhill in 4th gear never gets me Up to 60 and whenever I shift into 5th, i slowly drop down to about 40. So now i constantly have to shift back and forth to maintain 55mph, cruising at 60 and downhill topspeeds of over indicatet 70 like other people achieved is absolutely impossible for me. general info on my bike are: 14000km on the clock open tndf60 ignition module brand new oil/tyres/chain compression strong and even on both cylinders only gets 98 octane premium fuel I weigh about 80kg, so shoudnt ne too heavy only difference is that i run a custom exhaust (xvs 650 headers with xvs1100 bsm v-line silencers), so i figured that the 100 main jet might still be too lean, I moved up to 102,5 and got a Little improvement but still capped at 55 in 4th...plugs are still rather light, But a 105 jet would seem rather huge for that Little bike, or should I try it? looking forward for some advice Thanks alot :)
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