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  1. That is true about the exhaust studs but i just want it to sound a bit better. A bit more performance would not be unwelcome.
  2. Does nobody change exhausts on these bikes?
  3. Hi, I am looking to change the stock exhaust on my wifes 1990 535 Virago. I have seen a Black Widow exhaust for £225 for the complete system. Have heard it on Utube and it sounds good. Has anybody got any experience of this system or any thoughts on what to fit.
  4. Have checked the battery voltage and it is 13.2 Volts. I have spoken to a electronics engineer and he has said that with the readings that I have he would say that the zenor diode in the R/R has short circuited and I am then delivering the full alernator output to the battery. I am just going to have to wait for the new R/R to arrive and see how we go.
  5. It was a new battery that I fitted, filled with battery acid, so that should not be the problem. But thanks for your thoughts.
  6. Pattern part. It does get hot. I have checked the earth mounting points for the R/R and they are all clean. i have checked the connectors and all seems clean and good. I have checked the alternator and all readings are within limits. I can only think that the R/R has died. I have ordered another one and hopefully will have more luck with this one
  7. Just checked the charging rate and it is showing over 18 Volts and is boiling up the new battery. I can only assume that the new rectifier/regulator has gone faulty again. Anybody with any thoughts.
  8. The front tyre is a Michelin 300-19. I have checked the forks and they look straight and parallel with free and easy movement. I suspect that it is what it is but if I can make it a little easier for her it would be good. I was just wondering if other owners of these bikes had the same experience.
  9. Have now changed the battery and all seems fine.
  10. Hi, I have not got a centre stand fitted on this bike but I have suspended it from the garage roof so as to raise the front wheel. The bars turn easily with no notchyness and all the cable routes are free. I am wondering whether these bikes are normally heavy steering at low speed due to frame geometry. I am not sure whether the bars are stock or not as I believe Yamaha did make a model of the Virago with flat bars. All of the cables and wiring looms seem to be the right size for the bars.
  11. Hi, I have recently brought my wife a 1990 Virago 535. It is fitted with flat handlebars. She is very happy with the bike but complains that the steering is heavy at low speed. I have ridden the bike and tend to agree with her but my main experience is with sports bikes. I have checked the tyre pressures and the headstock bearings and all seems to be ok. Has anybody else noticed this or got any suggestions to eliviate the problem. Thanks
  12. I have just had a problem with my wifes Virago smelling of eggs after a rideout. It turned out that it was the rectifier regulator overcharging the battery. It boiled the battery dry before we found the problem. The rectifier was giving 16.9 volts. Changed it and all seemed ok . We went for a ride out and found that the fault had also blown the headlight, side light, both tail light and the right side indicator bulbs. All changed and back on track now, or so we thought. After changing the regulator/rectifier and checking that it was charging at 14.2v I refilled the battery with distilled water and was quite suprised that it held a charge. However, after about 300km of riding it has boiled the battery dry again. Again I refilled it with distilled water and it holds a charge, although only at 12.5v. I have rechecked the charging system and I am still getting 14.2v at about 5,000 revs. The only thing I can think of is that as the boiling point of water is lower than the boiling point of electrolyte the battery is boiling due to lack of acid. I have now ordered a new battery and hopefully this will cure the problem.
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