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  1. Oh dear, I suppose exile could be interpreted that I’ve been in prison or something, not so, I was actually working for Shell LOL #just saying ?
  2. Oh boy. Humble pie is mine to eat. Just posted this to the bar area then noticed this section. So, here goes again.... ? Hi folks and thanks for accepting a newby. Firstly, apologies for not introducing myself when I joined and as I can’t find a general introduction area - I’ll try here ? I’m a Shetlander just returning home from a 34 year exile in Aberdeen. I got my first bike when I was 14 on 9th May 1981. It was a Honda XL125 and the hills were never quite the same again. I fell in love with my XL and bikes in general. Since owned a DT125LC, a BMW F650 and after he was stolen and torched, I got my Yamaha Fazer 600 S2. Loved them all the same but there is just something about your first bike that steals and holds a wee place in your heart. Anyway, at 51 and heading home to the isles my Yammy has come with me. Not sure what else you need to know tho except that I love the outdoors, hillwalking, sailing, fishing, nature; motorbikes, oh... and beer. And, if anyone is visiting Shetland and want a bed for a night we have a spare room with two beds - feel free to kip down for the night. I live here www.shetlandcottages.co.uk which unfortunately won’t be available to tourists after October when we finalise our move up but will be available to visiting friends and fellow bikers. Anyway, I posted a question in the electrical section about a battery drain problem I have with my Yammy. I’v now located the source of the excessive 0.3 amp drain to my instrument cluster via the red/green feeder wire which I’v disconnected with no noticeable loss of functionality but I’d really like to know what the wire is supplying. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Original post is in the electrical section if the forum Many thanks and much appreciated Cheers Billy
  3. Hi again. I’v been on 12 hr night shifts hence radio silence for a couple of days. Thanks I’ll try that - didn’t notice the introduction but. Web sites not particularly intuitiv and I’m new to it. Iv disconnected the red/green wire to the Inst cluster - the current pull has disappeared and everything still works. Bizarre. Ok, I’ll away and introduce myself when I get a mo. Sorry wasn’t meaning to be rude not doing so - just never saw it. ? Nit sure what Ah the battery is. I’d need to take it out again to check and the box it came in isn’t here so can’t check that. It’s a Yuasa though so not a cheapo. I’ll have s check and get back on here again once intros done. Maybe see you if you are ever up at the simmer dim Cheers billy
  4. Thanks for pointing out the obvious but that’s not the point of my post. The battery has an excessive drain on it which I’m trying to locate and eliminate Iv actually narrowed it down to the instrument cluster which is causing the ~0.3 mA drain. I’ll disconnect the red/green wire (the one on the faulty circuit) and see what’s not working after I do that. If it’s only the clock or something I don’t heed then problem solved. Otherwise it looks like an isolator in the battery live line that I can access easily. I live in Shetland and bike theft isn’t an issue here so no problem not having an alarm. It has an immobiliser anyway. Ta. B
  5. Hi folks, i have a current drain of approx 0.3mA from my battery when the ignition is switched off. Here’s what I’v done so far: Live battery lead disconnected and meter connected in series between lead and battery with ignition off. 0.3 mA currrent observed. Pulled fuses one by one. When the fuse labelled “backup” fuse was disconnected the current drain dropped to about 0.03mA. ”backup” fuse feeds alarm and immobiliser and instrument light Alarm was disconnected and still draining 0.3mA. This would appear to point towards the immobiliser (or the inst light cluster which I have yet to eliminate). Regarding the immobiliser though 1) I cant find the thing to disconnect it to check - can anyone tell me where it’s located -Haynes manual not clear) and 2) could it be one if the other things connected to the imobiliser thats causing the drain eg fan, ECU, inst light? Also, is a drain of 0.3mA the amount draining per day or per hour? Any assistance appreciated. Cheers, Billy (Shetland).
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