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  1. Does anybody know if an xj900 exhaust will fit an xj600
  2. nickbird01

    My project

    Thanks all. building on a budget as the bike was only £300 can't bring myself to spend that on a part.
  3. No idea what the 7 was for sorry. Good film though!!
  4. Hi all just to say hey. I have started a xj600 project and thought would join a forum. Cheers
  5. nickbird01

    My project

    Hey all, about 2 monthe ago I bought an xj600 1998, it was an unfinished project so I thought I'd try and get it back on the road. After a bit or research I found it hadn't been on the road in ten years all the wireing was duff (indicator turned the head light on the pass switch was now horn and so on. So I took off the carbs and cleaned every inch of them. After that the wiring harnes came out. Looked all through that and wired all switches correctly. Then I had an issue of the main fuse blowing as soon as I turn the key. 28 fuses later I narrowed it down to carb heater relay. Now to get her running air box was knakered so I got some pod filters for the top of carbs, looked great until I put tank on and realised yo can't even see them. Oh well. So with clean fuel clear carbs she fired up lovely and what a noise withe now silencers it's a tad too loud but she runs ha ha ha. So will it ride? No won't go into gear!!!! As soon as I select 1st cuts out. So clutch cover off and out com clutch plates. A little sticky but didn't seem enough to stop her going into gear. New clutch cable don't mind if I do no joy. So a mate said kick stand switch. I'm intreaged enough to try and sure enough found random connectar with nothing connected. Bridged wires and babayum she goes into gear. So fancy switch in place of wire and a novelty way to start the bike. I love it. Tank looks shabby so out come the carbon wrap and you guessed it I can't wrap for toffee so a messy wrap on tank and seat and I'm starting to see a finished bike with a but of its own character and I'm starting to like it. Now with the end in sight I sit my 18 stone frame on it and sure enough it sinks and sits on rear tyre. So another shock ordered and installed and boom same thing. Now it sits the same way as before so I'm thinking duff unit. As it stands I only have the shock to sort and the rev counter to hook up. Am struggling with what shock to use as I don't want to keep buying them to find out they don't work. And the rev counter I don't even know where to find the signal to hook it up to. So that's my story so far.
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