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  1. My Name is Jamie and just climbed back on a bike after a 3 year absence. I ride all year round and it always makes me smile no matter the weather and considering i live mid west Wales the weather is usually crap. I ride a 2009 XJ6N which I'm always trying to find 7th gear on but it's quite fun in the back roads but still trying to get used to the bike. This is my first Yamaha since i started riding on the roads 22 years ago, my last bike was a 1996 Triumph 900 Daytona which died with a 148000 miles on it, I only put 52000 on it lol. I will probably end up picking brains at some point as this is the newest bike i have owned and the first fuel injected one too lol. Thanks for the add and stay shiny side up Guy's and Gal's.
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