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    2014 Yamaha XV950, 1998 Yamaha SR125.

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  1. Hi All, I bought a 2014 XV950 with vance and hines twin slash exhaust already fitted about a year ago, it looks and sounds amazing but i'm looking to tone down the sound and reign in the ridicuous amount of popping. For the volume i'm thinking smartpartz baffles, i've heard good things about their noise reduction, does anyone have any input or experience with them? For the popping im thinking of buying a tuner, maybe the Cobra Fi2000r, as a fairly new biker i'm not sure if i'll need to get it dyno'd to get the balance close enough for the tuner to do it's thing, or will it be a case of 'plug & play'? Cheers in advance.
  2. Hello, my names Adam, I've not long ago started riding, and my first bike is a 1998 Yamaha SR125. She's brilliant to ride and clearly been well looked after but she has a few problems arising from a newbie riding her, so I'm hoping to get some help on what the cause of the problems could be and get to work fixing her up. I've already started fixing the rust on her but there's still a lot of work to be done there... I'm hoping to move on to an XV950 when i take the big boy tests but until then i look forward to chatting to everyone about this little beauty! Adam.
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