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  1. Hi everybody I've recently fitted a full dep pipe on my DTRE 125 2006 model run up to snake pass at weekend to test with a new spark plug in to see condition of plug bike ran ok but I noticed quite a lot of oil coming from tail pipe and splashing my rear fender and number plate .? I haven't re jetted carburetor yet as I was told to run nine first to see condition of plug . Plug looks fine and bike ran reasonably well does anybody know what the oil could be and is this because it's haven't re jetted carburetor.? Any advice would be appreciated . Thanks Karl
  2. lol thanks for reply and advice I thought myself The bike would be ok if I took it slow and steady ie.. 50mph it's just I've not got breakdown cover and I've not had the bike for long so it's not been tested on a long run but it's only done just over 3000 miles as The lad I got it off only used it at weekends and he was the original owner.. This hot weather was worrying me a bit though but I'm gonna stop every 50 mile to let engine cool a bit and to give my legs a stretch just to be in safe side .. Thanks again for your advice . Regards karl
  3. Also planning on a trip to wales this weekend it's 168 miles from where I am so does everybody think bike will be ok . A couple of people have said it's to far for a 125cc 2 stroke to go.? But them a couple of people have said The bike will be fine .? I'll only be doing around 50mph as it's A roads I'm going on . Can anyone advice whether they think bike will be ok for that many miles .?? Regards karl
  4. Thanks for the replys bike does seem to run sweet and pulls well for a 125 think I'll take advantage of the weather and take bike out for a good run . Thanks is again everybody for info . Karl
  5. Hi everybody I've just swapped my Yamaha Wrx 125 for a older legend lol DTRE 125 2006 3000 genuine miles only ridden at weekends and when dry so bikes pretty clean . Bike rides good although I have noticed a rattle from cylinder head possible little end bearing I've been told by local motorbike shop .. I was concerned it would damage the piston but my local bike shop says they all rattle and it's nothing to worry about ..? Can anyone advise if this is the case please . Regards karl
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