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  1. Arsehole.... Eddie irish!!
  2. axl

    Thats a crash!

    Thats a crash!! http://media.ebaumsworld.com/nascarcrash.asf
  3. axl

    Thats a crash!

    See my last post.
  4. axl


    Hello there Steve :cheers
  5. :shock: :shock: My god!!, I hope you can ride without to much trouble!
  6. Hey man you can fuck off 2 y'all Mr w anker more like
  7. What the fcuk is he like , I wonder what a conversation with him would be like if you ever met him :roll:
  8. Yea I s'pose your right!, but your ok aren't you, or were you not there.
  9. Yea yea yea, Btw is motorcyle NOT cycle as you call DUMBFUCK
  10. This guy (Eddie) is a to55er!, he'll get away with his verbal sh1t for so long, cause my post got removed because he slated me and gave it back. He obviously wipes his with bog roll instead of hankies
  11. Admin, Close this now will you!!!
  12. axl

    Was my post to hot

    Who the fuck are you calling a faggot, fcukin' prick :evil: :evil: Whats your fuckin' pont!!!
  13. axl

    Was my post to hot

    Oh well!! Irish Eddie........Eh!!
  14. My "thats a sh1t" post, oh well!!
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