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  1. I have a mate with a compression tester, so I might as well give it a test to make sure all's okay anyway seeing as it's pretty simple to do, but I see what you mean. I have a feeling now that it is the blowing exhaust as the other cylinder is running fine and has never really been a problem. once I get it fixed hopefully there will be a little back pressure and it might balance out. If not, I will have to go back to original jets and work my way incrementally. I have a feeling that it's rich, now you say that, as it's smelling a little and occasionally smoking. once the seal is fixed, I will let you know how she's behaving thanks for all the wisdom!
  2. Thanks guys! I've just checked inlet and looks fine, I doubt it is sparks because once the bike warms up the problem tends to go, but it's next on the list to check so we'll see I guess. as with compression, as I say I'm not massively mechanically minded so I'll have to look up how to do it, and possibly take her in just to make sure. my guess is that it is just mixture, but it is only a gut feeling so I'll reseal my exhaust to make sure I am getting the same back pressure as the rear cylinder and see if it the problem is still there. if not I'll keep checking! I really appreciate the help, and I'll post an update as soon as something interesting happens. Okay I've looked up compression testing, looks simple enough I just need to find someone with the gauge- I'll update with results soon
  3. Hi all, I'm new here so apologies if I've posted this wrong, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me? My 125 dragstar has recently been playing up just after starting making it hard to get it running. it'll start okay, but then on giving it any throttle the front cylinder will bottle out and stop firing properly. this is a consistent problem and I've tried to remedy it by changing the sparks, oil, and a few other things, but none have seemed to work. It might be useful to say I changed the pipes to straight throughs when I got it and the mixture leaned off due to the decreased back pressure, but I rejetted the carb which fixed the problem- but now my front exhaust is blowing a little due to faulty studs of which I am waiting for new ones. could this be part of the problem? The bike also looks like the rear cylinder had been replaced before I bought it (I've only had it 9 months); it just looks newer to me. is this something I should be worried about, like was the previous owner trying to fix a problem that has only just started to affect the front cylinder, causing me to have to replace it? Sorry for the lack of info on the problem itself, I'm not very experienced at mechanics yet, having only a year of riding experience, but I'd really appreciate some insight from someone more experienced than myself. thanks!
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