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  1. As you can probably tell I haven't got a clue about this sort of thing so thanks for your help. May just take it to the bike shop I live near to tommorow :-)
  2. It's a yb1 50cc so pretty much a fs1 engine. I doubt Doing anything would make much difference but it might help also, there's oil coming out where the exhaust goes into the engine and out of the exhaust. Someone suggested to me there's a gasket/seal which may need to be replaced?
  3. The bike is restricted. Could it be derestricted at all? Yeah I know about insurance and legalities yadda yadda
  4. Hi guys Recently got a YB1 (basically fs1) and I can't get up hills with it (no power). Is this normal? (maybe because it's so small?) or is there something wrong with my bike? Already checked the air filter, carb and fuel. Is there some way you guys think I could get any more out of it ;-). P.S the bike seems to be fine on the flat but as soon as I touch a hill it won't get fast again thanks
  5. Thanks everyone for your help. All sorted now. :-)
  6. Hi Recently got a Yamaha YB1 (1987, 50cc) for my first bike. I am now experiencing issues with trying to insure it (possibly because of the age or the fact that it's an import). First it's hard to find insurers for the bike and also if I do find any insurers, the price of insurance is rather high (£400 ish). Anyone own a yb1 or similarly hard bike to insure within the uk and where do I go to get reasonable insurance prices (or not!) Many thanks :-)
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