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    To quote Michael Caine, "everything". Especially music, books, films and, most of all, living to the max. Feeding the foxes, protecting the foxes from my bruiser cat when she takes a mad turn.

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  1. Hi Robin, I'm Alan and I live in Glasgow now (last 4 years). Prior to that I lived in Worthing for 20 years and still fly down to see friends every so often. I don't have a mint 125 but she runs well and I'm taking my time getting to know the bike and planning what needs to be done to keep her in good nick. Just wanted to tell you that you are certainly not an oldie. I'm 64, passed my test 48 years ago and still feel a newbie every day. As for the Stones, I agree but I'm an old fart. Biking helps keep me young. Hope it does the same for you. Maybe see you in sunny Sussex some time. Best wishe
  2. Mcleod


    Thanks blackhat 250. I'm certainly not Lord of the Isles let alone my own two wheels but I'm getting there. Thanks for your welcome.
  3. Mcleod


    Hi Noise, Hi Slice. I can understand the grin factor. The gent I bought the 125 from has now passed his test and acquired a beautiful 650 Dragstar. He is so chuffed and so I am I. I reckon we both got what we wanted. My 125 is 16 years old and, like me, has a few knocks and scratches and, unlike me, loads of character. Once I listen and learn a bit more I hope I can be a productive and (probably unwittingly) amusing member. Thanks for the welcome. Until 3 weeks ago I hadn't ridden a bike for 36 years but I'm still alive and promise to warn you if I'm out and about in your neck of the woods! Th
  4. Mcleod


    Hello all, just registered and have a feeling I'm already doing things wrong (maybe shouldn't have had that last beer). If I am, please correct me and advise of rules and protocols. I'm an old guy who has picked up biking again after 36 years (I know, I know) and I really enjoy my Dragstar 125. Have already read and been amused by (in a fun way) by some threads. I have never ridden a cruiser before ( I know it's only a baby cruiser) and I understand and appreciate all the comments about how different it is. Having said that, I love it. I love the "smell the roses" feel of it and the fact that
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